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The disease is characterized by a general or partial decrease in adaptability to the environment and restrictions on the freedom of the patient's life. Before talking about health, one should understand the twofold essence of Slots: on the one hand, Slots is an integral part of the biological world (man is Homo sapiens, a subtype of vertebrates, a group of primates, a class of mammals - the highest stage of development of organisms on Earth), on the other hand, man is a social being (social) capable of producing and using tools of labor, changing the world around him. This creature possesses consciousness as a function of a highly organized brain and articulate speech.

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Philosophers and casino of the ancient world considered casino to be a likenessnature, peace, space. casino is a microcosm in a macrocosm, it consists of the same elements: water, air, fire, etc. Therefore, health is the balance of these elements, and illness is a violation of this balance. Some ancient thinkers, as a result of observing people's lives, their way and living conditions, formed beliefs about the role of social factors in human life.

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With the development of medicine, history and other sciences, more and more observations and evidence of the importance of social factors in human life have accumulated. This was especially developed during the Renaissance, when activities, the spiritual world, communication between people, that is, social principles, were reflected in philosophical and scientific works.

These views were most developed during the Enlightenment. So, Helvetius wrote that man is an animal with a special external organization that allows him to use weapons and tools. But scientists of that time interpreted the social principle in a person incompletely, only as an external manifestation of the bodily connection of a person with the environment.

Innovation and industry-leading treatments and surgery are integral parts of our practice.

Supporters of opposite views on the essence of man, in fact, shared the views of K. Marx: "The essence of man is the totality of social relations." F. Engels described a person more fully and objectively: “The essence of a person is manifested in two ways: as a natural (ie, biological) and as a social relation (ie, social)”. The indissolubility of the biological and the social in man is reflected in Marx's Capital: "By influencing and changing external nature, he (man) at the same time changes his own nature."